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Cathay CNY Gift Set

Project Team

Product Theme

Cathay X JING Chinese New Year tea and biscuit set


August 2022 - January 2023

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer


The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, marks the commencement of a fresh year in the traditional Chinese calendar. In Hong Kong, it holds significant importance as a time to celebrate with loved ones. Gift-giving plays a crucial role in expressing appreciation for loved ones, regardless of their location.

Project Brief

Cathay and JING Tea collaborated to craft Chinese New Year cookie and tea kits, ideal for everyone to come together to celebrating the occasion with family and loved ones. Moreover, this presents a wonderful opportunity to share the cultural significance of Chinese New Year with others.


Cathay Red Envelopes

The red envelope holds significant symbolism during Chinese New Year, and annually, Cathay designs its own envelopes with our inhouse graphic designer. The CNY product collection will adhere to a consistent branding and theme.

Chinese New Year Culture

From the festive red symbolizing luck to the gleaming gold representing prosperity, these hues ignite togetherness and renewal in CNY celebrations. The gift set should be inspired by the richness and warmth of this tradition festivity.

Traditional Asian

Traditional Asian design style blends simplicity, elegance, and nature, featuring clean lines, natural materials, and intricate patterns inspired by traditional art. It prioritizes balance, symmetry, and atmosphere to evoke tranquility and timeless.

Design Iteration

Tea and biscuit are the perfect pairing for a sense of warmth, brings calmness and is healthy, I designed a package that reflect this feeling. At first, I started use the red envelope pattern as abstract lines but to ensure customers could relate to the CNY collection.

I designed a packaging that are a blend of all three inspiration together. Using the Cathay Red Envelope as base with CNY red and gold as accents.

Cathay CNY Gift Box

Final Design

The Process