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Cathay Galley Container Photos

Cathay Galley Container

Project Team

Product Theme

Cathay upcycle project


May 2022 - January 2023

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer


As part of Cathay's upcycling initiative for a greener future, the mission is to repurposed retired KSSU standard containers previously used by Cathay Pacific's inflight hospitality crew. These containers have been redesigned to serve as a home furniture piece, contributing to our sustainability efforts and showcase your love for aviation.

Project Brief

When an aircraft is retired, it is typically stripped for parts and sold on the secondary market. However, some aircraft hold special value and are worth preserving to repurpose and bring a piece of their unique characters into homes.

Cathay Galley Container Inspiration
Cathay Galley Container Inspiration



Wood's warmth and timeless appeal foster comfort and environmental connection. Choosing wood blending in the natural aesthetic of wood and industrial feel of KSSU container to give an industrial rustic look and feel.


Aircraft preservation is essential for maintaining the rich history and heritage of aviation. By carefully restoring these aircraft pieces, it ensure the future generations can appreciate and learn from the technological and advancements in aviation.

Industrial Rustic

Industrial Rustic design blends rugged textures and raw materials with sleek, modern elements to create a unique aesthetic. It captures the essence of both urban landscapes and natural environments, resulting in a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

Design Iteration

Cathay Galley Container Sketch

The Cathay Galley container began as an ambitious project, with exploration into different technological features, leg designs, materials, and the incorporation of a slide-out table mechanism reminiscent of those found inside aircraft cabins. However, as the project progressed, we refocused our efforts to prioritize the preservation of its main purpose as an inflight KSSU container.

The final product seamlessly blends the industrial essence of the KSSU box with the natural warmth of wood and urban design elements, making it an ideal souvenir for aviation enthusiasts. It serves as a versatile piece, doubling as a nightstand and table, while also sparking engaging conversations and fostering appreciation for aviation history and design.

Cathay Galley Container Design

Cathay Galley Container Render
PRJ_SFZ_C230302_0T1A6448 (1440P).jpg

Cathay Galley Container

Outer Box Design

A promotional video created to highlight the Cathay Mahjong set and Galley Container.

By Flim Bottle Studio

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