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Cathay Mahjong Set

Project Team

Product Theme

Cathay x Start From Zero handcrafted recyclable wood mahjong set.


May 2022 - January 2023

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer


Classic Hong Kong game bring to life to celebrate culture, craftsmanship and sustainability. Mahjong is a game that has transcended time, and now, this mahjong gift set is ready to be passed down through generations. Featuring ornate Cathay Jade green-adorned tiles in an intricately designed wooden box.

Project Brief

Mahjong is one of the most well recongized game around Asia. We wanted to celebrate not only Hong Kong but mahjong culture by designing a mahjong set that gives ohmage to mahjong where it all started as well as showing customers out Hong Kong origin and new lifestyle brand.



Wood's warmth and timeless appeal foster comfort and environmental connection. Choosing wood for mahjong packaging honors tradition, craftsmanship, and sustainability, reflecting the rich heritage of Hong Kong mahjong.

Historical Influence

To honor the cultural significance and traditions of mahjong, it's essential to draw inspiration from its classic design, welcoming new users and enthusiasts to appreciate and perpetuate the game's legacy.

Mid-Century Modern

Drawing from Mid-century modern design inspiration infuses spaces with clean lines, organic forms, and functional elegance, evoking a warm and timeless allure characteristic of this iconic style.

Design Iteration

The final design of The Wav seamlessly integrates the initial concept of directional flow, effectively organizing commuter movement to mitigate congestion during both boarding and disembarking processes. Through careful implementation, passengers experience a streamlined journey that enhances efficiency and convenience.

The final design is an nostalgic tribute to Hong Kong. Combining the beauty of wood, and mid century modern design.

Packaging Concept


Cathay Mahjong Set

To honor the traditional game of mahjong, I designed the tiles with easily recognizable graphics, infused with a modern twist featuring Cathay's signature Jade green detailing and unique aviation design elements like the Brushwing on tile 1 Bamboo and the Blue Dragon reminiscent of their Airbus plane window.

Tile Graphic Concept

Outer Box Design

Inspired by the beautifully carved mahjong boxes of the early 1900s, the final design has been handcrafted from recycled wood and features carefully considered retro design details: Details like the soft rounded corners the inclusion of the tambour style door, an elegant leather strap for easy transport, and a slick top compartment for dice, wooden wager chips and wind indicator. give the set a retro yet modern touch to the set.

Tiles & Accessories Design