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Comfort 2

Luxury Mouse

PC Mouse

Gaming | Performance 

1st Year Design Project | 5 Months

Computer mouses Market is separated into two main audiences. On one side, companies would create a gaming mouse with lighting as well as feature related to speed and response time to give gamers an edge to the games they play. While the other companies would design a mouse that is more focused on comfort and convenience features.

Image by Florian Olivo

PC Gaming Enthusiast 

Design a  mouse that includes features that a gaming mouse have, but without the obnoxious lighting that is not suitable with place other than home or gaming convention.

Image by Kumpan Electric

Workstation Workload

Design a mouse that will satisfy the gaming experiences that they are used to while at their workspace. Bridging the gap could increase there work efficiency but also represent the personality of who they are.

A Luxury Mouse

My goal is to create a mouse that combines professionals and gamers alike. By designing a mouse that blends in the public environment but gives gamers a mouse that satisfies their own gaming device at home.

Initial Development

mouse sketch.jpg

I started sketching generic-looking mouses and lead to interesting ones. While I was closely inspecting the interior of the Mercedes I realize that the use of high-quality materials and customization really Compliment the car. I started sketching with the materials used in mind and apply to the final design.

Mockups and Testing


The modeling process was very difficult, the mouse itself is detail sculpted that has to be carefully sand off without ruining the overall design.

DSID 22 redesign final a16.jpg

First Final (Comfort 1)

Comfort 2 redesign

mouse render.jpg
mouse render finaL2.jpg

Comfort 2 Process

After testing through mock-ups. The final model was hand-sculpted following the final render. It was primed and painted with mouse parts combine together.

new mouse exploded view.jpg