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Hydro Desk

Project Team

Product Theme

Biophilic Integration Project


August 2020 - November 2020

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer


Urbanization has led to increased stress, depression, and decreased productivity and learning, resulting in absenteeism and presenteeism.

Hydro Desk was created to make urban environments more livable, in part by providing greater access to nature. This access can help restore and enhance the mental health and well-being of users.

Project Brief

The majority of the global population resides in urban environments. However, our innate affinity for natural surroundings means that urbanization often results in elevated levels of stress, crime, and depression, while productivity and learning decline. Various studies have demonstrated that workplace clutter can hinder productivity and stifle growth. It fosters demotivation, as well as anxiety and stress among employees.



Scandinavian design is one of the easier interior design types to recognize. Think light, airy, and organic. Woods are almost always an ashy color in Scandinavian interiors. Nordic spaces give off a relaxing and inviting vibe. Key features include white walls, large mirrors, and cozy textiles.


Biophilic interior design is a design approach that integrates natural elements and patterns into indoor spaces to foster a deeper connection between humans and nature, giving users a sense of calmness, improve cognitive function and foster a stronger connection to the natural world.


Working from home has become increasingly popular, and with its numerous benefits comes a unique set of challenges that can hinder work productivity. With household chores, family members, and pets competing for your attention, staying focused and efficient can be a real struggle.

Initially, the hydroponic system served as a monitor stand with organizational structures, but it proved cluttered and impractical for many desks. Therefore, I pivoted the concept to craft an aesthetically pleasing desk setup that seamlessly integrates biophilic elements and enhances productivity.

Sketch Exploration

Desk render.92.jpg


Hydroponic System

The desk's centerpiece is its hydroponic system, seamlessly integrating nature into the workspace without any mess. This design enhances the aesthetic appeal while promoting a healthier indoor environment. By fostering a connection to nature, with the goal to boost user comfort and productivity levels.

The Hydro Desk light bar features a simple control panel on the right side, allowing users adjustment of various light modes, light temperature and the height of the light bar to suit different occasions.

Light Bar Control

The LED Bluple light is a specialized wavelength of LED lights designed to provide the optimal spectrum for plant growth on the Hydro Desk. The LED light bar emits a blend of blue and purple wavelengths, which are essential for stimulating photosynthesis and promoting healthy plant development.

Build In Light Bar

The drawer under the desk offers convenient storage space within easy reach. Ideal for organizing stationery, documents, or personal items, it keeps the workspace clutter-free and enhances productivity.

Storage Drawer

The Wire Pass Through System is a discreet and efficient solution for managing cables and wires in desks or furniture. It provides organized pathways for cords to pass through, keeping them neatly arranged and out of sight while maintaining accessibility for electronic devices.

Wire Pass Through System

The ambient mode creates a cozy atmosphere. The Bluple mode supports plant growth. The working desk light mode provides focused illumination for tasks.

Light Mode

Wav Final Design

Elevate user's workspace with the Hydro Desk, featuring hydroponic planting system and plenty of organization design element to make your space your own.

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