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Bring nature to work

Working Desk

Biophilic design to home

Small Space project

Urbanization has brought higher levels of stress, depression, lower levels of productivity and learning. Sometimes in the forms of absence and presenteeism. I want to design an urban environment more livable. This can be achieved in part through greater access to nature, which restores and enhances our mental health and well being.

Hydroponic Desk
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I want to design an urban workplace that integrate a feeling of nature environment. I take inspiration from Scandinavian design by using natural light color such as white, pastels, and wooden color, then uses Wooden material and texture. The final design would look natural yet be functional and organize to give a relaxing feel.

Cheuk Lui concept thinking.png

At first I started conceptualizing furniture that stores more then one items in a compact way and giving users convenient in everyday chores. Doing further research, I realize many over crowded cities such as Hong Kong, cramp spaces is common and these spaces could lower a person productivity. So I decided to design a furniture that uses technology and biophilic design to inspire productivity.

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Biopilic Design Inspire Desk

The hydroponic desk integrates biophilic design elements into a desk. The desk's main feature is the hydroponic integration. The purpose is to gain the benefit of nature without creating any messes, and increase users comfort and productivity. The desk is also equipped with small spaces such as drawers and pass-through for keyboard and mice wires to create a clean and organize space for the user.

Final keyshot desk enviorment - Copy.123.png

Thank you.

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