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OXO Lantern

Inspired Night Light, creating safety and confident


OXO philosophy is to make everyday chores simple.

OXO look at everyday objects and activities and we see ways to make things simpler, easier, more thoughtfully designed–better. They notice pain points and pains-in-the-neck. They notice problems people don’t realize are problems until we solve them. They see opportunities to improve a product or a process, or a part of everyday life, and we make things that make things better.


OXO was born of love. Our founder Sam Farber designed the first OXO peeler for a pair of hands he loved more than his own. Sam and his wife Betsey were cooking together when Betsey’s mild arthritis made using old-fashioned metal peeler a struggle. They knew there had to be a better way.

OXO cant sleep.jpg


Nocturia is a disorder and a condition where a person wakes up during the night because of the need to urinate.

I would love to help people who need to urinate at night create a sense of safety and confidence.


High Tech


Take Style from it metal and black futuristic yet modern design with its industrial detail. It will help show the product value as well as keeping the OXO design.

Image by Dan Smedley


Form | Material

Designing the lantern with the focus of ergonomics. Finding inspiration from cups as well as other product focuses on ergonomic form. Using clear material could give the final product a premium feel.

Image by Sanni Sahil



Take style from it black on black stealthy design with simple styling will aid usability and reception of quality in the product.

OXO lantern sketch.png
OXO render features.png



Light Temperature 

Light temperature is important went designing night light. Exposing to blue light at night could result in brain waking up to a semi-unconscious state. To prevent a user from waking up the OXO Lantern is default in 2500K temperatures and can be changed using the dial on the bottom, in turns it helps users goes back to sleep easier.

OXO render.29.png
OXO render features.87.png

A Safe Light

The OXO Lantern is a night light with convenience in mind. Users only have to pick it up and the lantern will just light up to give semi-unconscious users an easier experience. At the same time, the final Shape is tested to be universally fitted. The shape is concaved to fit the hand comfortably.

oxo inuse.png

Thank you.

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