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Concept Car Renderings

Mazda Miata inspired coupe

Inspire by my favourite front-engine rear-wheel-drive cars of all time and design a compact coupe that is fun to drive.

Game Fanart

Challenger Base Offroad Modification 

Inspire from the video game The Crew by Ubisoft. I wanted to design and sketch my version of the Dodge Challenger Raid.

WDC #127 insulin pen render.jpg

Stylish Insulin Pen 

Personal Interest Project

Current Insulin Pen is ugly and it needed a redesign.


Passion drawing

Although I have a passion of technologies and automotive, I also loves food, and cooking food for myself and others. This is just a small drawing of my appreciation to muffins.

The Womb Chair CAD Practice

Personal Interest Practice

This was a small project to learn about surfacing in Solid works. To challenge myself, I wanted to recreate one of my favorite chair design: The Womb Chair

Original design by: Eero Saarinen

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