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Avalanche Emergency Device inspire by UST


Reliable | Affordable Survival Gear

UST Branded Project

Falling masses of snow and ice, avalanches pose a threat to anyone on snowy mountainsides. Beautiful to witness from afar, but deadly because of their intensity and seeming unpredictability. Humans trigger 90 percent of avalanche disasters, with an average of 40 deaths in North America each year. Unfortunately, there is nothing to increase survivability.

UST start







At the current moment, there isn't any survival gear out there that can allow the survivor to help themselves.  Beacon is a location tracking system for the group and helps indicate trap survivor by beeps and arrow indicators. The probe can drastically speed up fine searches and helps searchers pinpoint a victim before the digging begins. The airbag is the same thing as vehicle and deploys when detecting danger and help traveler stay on the surface of an avalanche and avoid burial. Avalung can help you breathe under the snow to increase the time searcher has to locate the victim.




Take from exciting survival equipment as an inspiration for the Strale. Using ergonomic and strong form from survival gears such as ice axe will encourage a durable and reliable experience.

Annotation 2020-04-05 025511.png

Speed | Mechanical 

Feel | Color

A sports car with gold stripes accent stand out and retain it fast and high tech feel and would help stand out from the environment.




Take style from it black on black stealthy design with contrast numbers and background textures to aid usability and reception of quality in the product.

UST Initial sketches phases.png



UST Strale features.jpg
pantone 446c.jpg
pantone Orange.jpg

The UST Stråle turns on with the safety switch, and automatically detect oxygen, and gyroscope G-Force detection sensor to detect dangerous situations. Ones the Stråle detects a critical situation, it will mixes material such as (Magnesium / Salt / Iron / Rust) with water, and create pressure within the container and detect the closest surfaces and spray out water up to 150 degrees plus.

Glacier white

Camo Green

Desert Brown

UST Orange

Avalanche safety

It is important UST product is focused on safety first. To create trust and dependability between users and UST gear. The Stråle helps users create a feeling of confident and enjoyable experience doing the things they love.

UST Strale beaty shot.103.jpg

Thank you.

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