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Project Team

Product Theme

Bus Stop Redesign Project


August 2020 - December 2020

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer
Natalia Baltazar - Industrial Designer
Sabrina Shell - Industrial Designer


The Wav was designed to transform the commuting experience with a welcoming design that offers comfort, convenience, and connectivity.

By integrating design element that focuses on organization and comfort, it created less congestion and improve the overall commuting experience.

Project Brief

Commuting is a daily ritual for many in a bustling city, yet the experience often lacks both clarity and ease of navigation. The global impact of COVID-19 has significantly altered transportation methods, prompting a reevaluation of the commuting experience, particularly in redesigning bus stops for improved functionality and safety.

Area of Improvement


Commuting should not be a hassle. A well informative bus stop, showing commuters quick and well layout system of different bus routes and schedule put the users at ease and improving the transportation experience as well as welcoming new tourist and new commuters.


Safety and comfort have always been a concern for transit riders, and a post-pandemic public will have to be convinced that it is safe to return.  To bring passengers back, new system should monitor vehicle loads and consider changes to mitigate crowding.

Security Measures

To further increases and ensuring the safety of passengers during both daytime and nighttime hours. This could involve installation of adequate lighting and visibility enhancements, surveillance cameras, or partnerships with local law enforcement for increased patrols.

Concept Ideation

During the initial ideation phase, we analyzed the movement of both buses and commuters. Our observation revealed a directional flow from the front entrance to the back of the bus for exiting, aimed at avoiding congestion. Leveraging this concept and flow, we developed our initial design proposal.

In our concept sketches, We focused on the flowing movement that we realized on the concept ideation phase. We wanted to provide a pleasant user experience that mainly promo less congestion, cleanliness and provide important information for on and off boarding commuters.

Sketch Exploration

Wav Iterations

Final Bus stop.2.jpg


Directional Flow Design

The final design of The Wav seamlessly integrates the initial concept of directional flow, effectively organizing commuter movement to mitigate congestion during both boarding and disembarking processes. Through careful implementation, passengers experience a streamlined journey that enhances efficiency and convenience.

Wav stations feature four solar panels to ensure self-sufficiency, allowing the stations to operate independently of the city power grid. This initiative advances our commitment to a greener and cleaner future for the transportation industry.

Self Efficiency 

The right side of the Wav Bus Station showcases engraved station names and directions to nearby attractions and points of interest. This thoughtful design encourages both commuters and tourists to explore various landmarks with confidence, minimizing congestion around the signage.

Off Boarding Directions

On the boarding side of the Wav, a large screen has been installed to display crucial onboarding information, including bus schedules, arrival times, and essential updates. Surrounding the screen is an easily swappable and repairable sheet metal plate, featuring all available bus numbers at the station for convenient reference.

Onboarding Information

Numerous bus stations worldwide grapple with a recurring problem of waste accumulation in their vicinity. To address this issue and promote cleanliness alongside a greener future, A receptacle was implemented, designed to accommodate both waste and recyclables effectively.

Encourage Cleanliness

Nighttime Security

To ensure commuter safety at all times, Wav has strategically installed LED lighting along the area, effectively illuminating pathways and enhancing visibility during the night. This proactive measure not only fosters a secure environment but also promotes a sense of confidence among passengers traversing the station after dark.

On the offboarding side, a screen displays a map of the station area, highlighting various points of interest and providing real time status updates for commuters to navigate with ease.


Offboarding Information

Wav Final Design

The Wav innovate and incorporate technological elements into the public transportation system that will provide users with greater safety, comfort, health and confidence in the use of this service.

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