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Final Interior (Original).png

Final Interior Render

Render by John Pham

Accessibility Autonomous Shuttle

Project Team

Product Theme

SJSU Research Foundation X Toyota Boshoku accessibility autonomous shuttle project


January 2020 - December 2020

Prof. John McClusky - Industrial Design Lead

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer
John Pham - Industrial Designer
Kai Bannister - Industrial Designer

John Michael - Industrial Designer


As we strive towards a greener future, an increasing number of consumers seek solutions that not only save time but also prioritize convenience. The emergence of level 4-5 automation technology presents an opportunity to minimize the presence of cars and ride-sharing services on the roads, thereby reducing congestion, improving environmental sustainability, and enhancing overall city efficiency.

This project represents a collaborative effort involving a team comprising students and professors from diverse disciplines including mechanical engineering, occupational therapy, and interactive engineering at SJSU.


Project Brief

Our mission in this project is to design and build an autonomous shuttle that prioritizes accessibility for all. We're focused on creating a user-friendly and inclusive transportation solution, incorporating features like wheelchair ramps and intuitive interfaces to serve diverse mobility needs.

Research and Inspiration

3 Primary Wheelchair Users

we've organized mobility users into three specific groups: Transferable wheelchair, Non-Transferable wheelchair, and Crane/Walker users. Each group reflects distinct requirements and obstacles when it comes to accessing transportation services.


Fostering a welcoming environment for accessibility is crucial to promoting inclusivity and ensuring everyone feels valued and respected. Embracing accessibility not only accommodates diverse needs but also cultivates a sense of belonging and equality within our community.


Ensuring convenience is essential to creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for everyone involved. By prioritizing convenience, we aim to streamline processes and minimize barriers to access, making interactions more efficient and enjoyable for all.

Platform Layout

The vehicle platform, based on an electric universal design, accommodates various vehicle types. Specifically designed for accessibility, the autonomous platform comfortably supports 4 wheelchair users with added convenient features.

During the development stage, our primary focus was to optimize the overall interior design experience. Every aspect, from entering the vehicle to seating arrangements and storage solutions, was meticulously crafted with the principles of accessibility in mind. Our goal was to ensure that every element of the interior design not only prioritized convenience but also seamlessly integrated accessibility features to enhance usability for all passengers, including those with mobility challenges.

Sketch Exploration

Design Iteration Render