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The Lantern by Dennis Lui Design

The Lantern

Project Team

Product Theme

Night Light Project


August 2018 - December 2018

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer


The Lantern design aesthetic was inspired  and focused on OXO brand identity and philosophy.

The Lantern is designed to use as an ambience lamps on your desk or nightstand, but can also transform into a Lantern/flashlight for on the go purposes.

Project Brief

Nocturia is a condition in which individuals wake up during the night due to the need to urinate. I aim to assist those experiencing nighttime urination by fostering feelings of safety and confidence.

The Lantern Nocturia symptoms
The Lantern Nocturia symptoms



Incorporating a metal and glass futuristic design with industrial details will accentuate the product's value while maintaining the essence of OXO's design.


Focusing the design on ergonomics, drawing inspiration from products for their ergonomic form. Incorporating this design feature will improve the user experience.


Minimalistic design emphasizes simplicity by focusing on essential elements and eliminating unnecessary details, creating clean aesthetics and functionality.

OXO History

OXO Philosophy

OXO improves everyday objects and activities by refining simplicity, ease, and design. Uncovering pain points and inconveniences allows for the identification of problems people may not be aware of. OXO's goal is to leverage these unique opportunities to create meaningful enhancements in products, processes, and daily life.

The Lantern Sketch Exploration

During the beginning of the exploration, I started off exploring different lighting methods for Nocturia patient giving them a guide to their desired location. Once I got a base design I started exploring different ergonomic shape design for the comfort of the user.

Sketch Exploration

The Process

To ensure commuter safety at all times, Wav has strategically installed LED lighting along the area, effectively illuminating pathways and enhancing visibility during the night. This proactive measure not only fosters a secure environment but also promotes a sense of confidence among passengers traversing the station after dark.

OXO render features v2.jpg

The Lantern

Light Temperature

The Lantern Light Temperature

When designing a night light, the light temperature is crucial. Exposure to blue light at night can partially awaken the brain, disrupting sleep. To prevent this, The Lantern defaults to the 2000K temperature, adjustable via the dial on the bottom, facilitating easier return to sleep for users.

The Lantern feature a concave outer form and rubberized coating designed optimize grip and elevate the overall user experience. The ergonomic shape ensures comfortable handling, allowing users to enjoy the Lantern without excessive effort. This design consideration not only enhances usability but also promotes seamless integration into daily routines, making the lantern a practical and user-friendly lighting solution for night time uses.

Effortless Grip

The lantern render
The Lantern Pin charging

To simplify the charging experience, the lantern features Pin charging, reminiscent of a smartwatch charger, for easy docking and disconnection. This design streamlines the charging process, enhancing user-friendliness and convenience.

Pin Wireless Charging

The Lantern

The Lantern is designed for seamless user experience, effortlessly illuminating upon pickup for added convenience, especially for semi-unconscious users. Its universally contoured shape undergoes rigorous testing to ensure comfortable handling for all users.

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