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Cathay Christmas Collection Photos

Cathay Christmas Collection

Project Team

Product Theme

Cathay Mulled Wine Spice Mix | Gingerbread Cookie Kit


May 2022 - December 2023

Dennis Lui - Industrial Designer

Andy Chan - Graphic Designer


Experience the festive joy and embrace the Christmas essence with a collection of holiday-themed products and activities curated by Cathay.

This initial project marked my introduction to the process involved in crafting packaging designs and applying graphics across a range of products.

Project Brief

Three item planned to release: mulled wine spice mix, gingerbread-themed tree ornaments, and gingerbread cookie kit. I was task to design mulled wine spice mix and gingerbread cookie kit, developing the mulled wine taste,  gingerbread shapes/texture with Cathay Pacific Catering Services, and design the packaging surrounding the collection.

Cathay Christmas Collection Inspiration
Cathay Christmas Collection Inspiration


Christmas Festive Spirit

To celebrate Christmas with our potential users. The product needs to resonates with the festive colors a range of red and green hue, evoking joyous gatherings and cherished traditions. Embracing the warmth and magic of the season.


I aimed to infuse the packaging and gingerbread design with playful charm inspired by Christmas and the Cathay brand, blending airplanes and festive elements to enhance the gingerbread decoration experience.


Using contemporary simple shapes in the design of gingerbread and packaging to give the entire package with character and playfulness, while outlining the cookie shapes added an extra charm, allowing children to envision the cookies.

The Process

During the development process, I encountered numerous mandatory packaging that were mandated by law, it was a steep learning curve. Specifications, barcode formats, and nutritional facts had to be meticulously accurate prior to release. Given that gingerbread items are not widely popular in Hong Kong, the team at CPCS, responsible for producing the gingerbread cookies and mulled wine, lacked prior experience. Not only the development took longer then expected It was difficult to maintain consistent high quality across the gingerbread cookies, colored decorating pens, and mulled wine mix to ensure uniform user experiences. Despite facing challenges due to limited experience in packaging creation and associated regulations, we underwent multiple iterations, ultimately delivering the project punctually before Christmas.

Bring the warmth of Christmas into your home with the custom curated blend of aromatic spices. Let the mulled wine spice mix transport straight to a Christmas market – from the comfort of your own home. 

The design follows the same graphics as the gingerbread cookie kit so the customers could relate as a Christmas collection. Same repeating pattern but with the ingredients of the mulled wine found inside the kit.

Cathay First Class Mulled Wine Spice Mix

Cathay Christmas Collection Photos
Cathay Christmas Collection Photos

Bring your gingerbread to the skies with a travel-themed DIY cookie kit full of rich gingerbread, festive sprinkles and chocolate pens. Get into the Christmas spirit with our travel-themed gingerbread cookie set, the perfect way for families to create a festive Cathay adventure. 


The graphics of the packaging are in a outline of repeating random pattern of the cookie design to convey a more playful and contemporary aesthetic.

Cathay Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Final Design